Filming the Stories of the Cairngorms

Call for Archive Photos / Footage

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The Lairig Ghru, an old drovers route.

We are producing 6 audio visual podcasts that will tell the Stories of the Cairngorms.  There are many hundreds of stories and legends but these have been narrowed down to six stories which encompass the broad themes of Journeys, Working and Legends.

Some of the stories relate to Cairngorms traditions such as cattle raiding and local folklore and others to local timber production and the transportation of timber down the Spey.

We are looking for relevant photographs or pieces of archive film footage that local people may have that we could borrow to include in the short films.  All material will be well looked after, credited and returned to the owner after use.

Do you have any footage of timber operations in the Cairngorms or photographs that might be relevant?  In particular, pictures of floating timber down the Spey, tree felling or timber mills would be gratefully appreciated. We are also looking for photographs of cattle droving and the drove roads in use.

All our podcasts will be available to watch on our website.

If you would like to be involved in this project or have images/footage your would like to loan please contact Andrea Partridge:


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